Celebra a tu ser querido con un hermoso recuerdo en el mar.

Our process is healing and elegant as we honor them with a beautiful ceremony for that final goodbye.



Los funerales y los entierros son caros. La cremación y esparcimiento de cenizas en el mar es una fracción del costo. Nuestro precio es difícil de igualar.



Los funerales requieren una extensa planificación y programación. En SeaBurials nos ocupamos de todos los detalles SIN CARGOS OCULTOS.



Confíe en nuestros atentos profesionales para honrar a sus seres queridos como familia. Cada ceremonia es personalizada y adaptada a su solicitud.

Tu ser querido quiere que celebre su vida sin afectar sus finanzas bancaria.


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Unattended Sea Scattering

Send us the ashes of your loved one and we do the rest. We will provide a beautiful ceremony as we head out to sea and scatter the ashes. We provide you with GPS coordinates. This is most popular for familes that cannot attend the sea scattering.
Starting at $295

Attended Sea Scattering

Join us aboard our luxury boats rated for up to 60 people. The trip is 90 minutes total allowing you to have a beautiful ceremony for your loved one. Our captain’s aim to exceed your expectations daily.
Call For Pricing & Availability

How do we get you the ashes?

You can mail us the cremated remained directly or we can work your cremation facility.
In many cases we are partners with crematoriums.

Hear From our Wonderful Clients

"Captain Mike and his Team made our experience stress free and extremely memorable! It’s always hard to say goodbye to a loved one and this experience made our Loved Ones Celebration of Life extremely special and peaceful!"

"This was truly a celebration of my grandmother's life. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Captain Mike and his mate not only were extremely kind, but they captured the ceremony on video which our entire family will savior. Thank you!"

"I have planned funerals, cremations, etc for our loved ones in the past, but nothing compares to just how easy and peaceful this entire process was. The sunset was gorgeous and it was a day we will remember forever."