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Scatter Asshes At Sea

With Diginity

Why Scatter Ashes With Us?

Our caring and compassionate crew takes all stress out of the planning. In fact, our process is very simple allowing us to earn your trust through 100% full transparency. Unlike any other company, we provide proof along the entire way. From the moment we receive the cremains to the special moment of gently placing them into the ocean, you will receive photos of the event.
It is a great honor to be chosen that we don’t take lightly. It’s for this reason we have strict code of ethics that we bring to our families.
When you trust us with your family, here’s our promise:
We provide PROOF OF SERVICE PHOTO and certificate that shows the exact latitude and longitude of the ceremony. Don’t chance this special day to the unknown. We are 100% transparent.
The remains of your loved one are scattered within 30 days of order. We offer expedited service and as well as specific/special days for anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
The remains are not commingled with other clients. We take pride in giving your loved one a dignified and beautiful final farewell. Trust our caring and professional crew high level of ethics unlike our competitors.
We report all scatterings to the EPA and adhere to specific guidelines set forth by our owners on each ceremony.

Proudly Honoring Wishes From Around The World

Our port of scattering is located in beautiful Miami, Florida. We are the closest location to the Gulf Stream currents on the eastern coast of the United States making for a beautiful scattering location.
You can easily mail us the ashes of your loved one using express mail.
You may also drop off at one of our locations in South Florida.

What's Included?

Each cermony gets our utmost attention to detail.
Proof of service

Latitude & Longitude

Required epa filing

What are our customers saying about us


“Everything was handled with respect and dignity. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you to Captain Mike and his crew for the compassion shown to our family during this difficult time!!”

Weny Allen Sander


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It works? provides families with a dignified celebration of life at sea by our licensed and credentialed captains. No funeral home visit required. 
No hidden fees.

All unattended ceremonies are conducted a minimum of 3 miles off the coast of beautiful Miami, Florida amidst the gentle ocean currents of the Gulfstream.
Trust our Caring Professionals to Honor your Loved Ones.