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What is Cremation?

May 22, 2019 2:32 pm Published by

Cremation is a common method meant for the disposition of a deceased body. Serving as an alternative to traditional burials, this process of disposition has been present in societies for thousands of years. The procedure begins by placing the deceased body in a cremation chamber where temperatures reach 1800°F. Bodies are cremated one at a time to ensure families receive cremated remains only from their loved ones. Furthermore, there are processes in place uniquely identify and certify that the cremains are those of a loved one. After a couple hours, all organic matter is consumed by combustion and vaporization. These torching conditions help reduce the body to basic chemical compounds like gases, ashes and mineral fragments. The cremated remains are then transferred into a cremation urn and returned to the family or representative of the deceased.


Cremation can serve as the preferred alternative in many cases for relatives who have lost a loved one. For example, choosing cremation allows for distant family members or friends to make travel arrangements to attend commemoration events. Cremation also proves to be more cost-efficient for families who are paying their final tributes and respects.

Additionally, Cremation gives families and relatives more flexible options for memorial services or remembrances. For example, scattering ashes in a meaningful location where loved ones can always go back and visit unforgotten memories.

Ashes can also be inserted in a piece of jewelry to allow you or family members to keep that special someone close to you at all times. In fact, Cremation is considered more environmentally-friendly than traditional burials at cemeteries. This ancient procedure of Cremation, which has steadily garnered acceptance since the turn of the century, can serve as the cost-efficient celebratory goodbye a loved one deserves.

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