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Sea Burials Resource - Spreading Ashes at Sea Guide and Tips - FAQs

Frequently Ask Questions

We adhere to all regulations set forth by the EPA as well as the State. Under the permit by the EPA: Cremated remains shall be buried in or on ocean waters of any depth provided that such burial takes place at least three nautical miles from land. 

Our service last about 90 minutes to 2 hours from Port to Port. If you would like extra time with your family, we can also provide a beautiful intercoastal tour to take in the sunset, million dollar homes and yachts.

Yes, we work with several funeral homes that prepare an EPA certified casket for burials at sea. Our largest vessel is designed with as easy access door for carrying the casket on board and placing into the ocean during burial. We go about 5 miles offshore into 750FT to 800FT of water for this special service. Call for availability and pricing 

You will love our method of scattering cremains that eliminates the error of having ashes in the wind and coming back at you. Using a basket of rose petals, we will instruct you how to lower it into the water. It is a beautiful manager of spreading ashes and saying goodbye. 

It is our priority to ensure the safety of all our guest including children of all ages.

In our experience, the USPS is very reliable in their express service specifically for cremains (ashes). If you are local in the Miami-Dade or Broward County, please call us to arrange free pickup from one of our Captains. 

To make your ceremony extra special, we recommend you bring photos of your loved one. We provide all the flowers and refreshments, however you are welcome to bring more. 

We offer unattended ceremonies that take the worrying out of bad weather and sea sickness. Simply provide us the remains of your loved one and will provide an honorable service with video that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Absolutely, we offer unattended sea burials with latitude and longitude coordinates along with video as we scatter the ashes at sea. You may also provide us with a prayer or note that our captain can read off during the ceremony. Flowers and wreaths are also available. Just because you can’t make it, doesn’t mean we don’t make it beautiful and dignified.

Yes, we have several size boats that are licensed for up to 6 and up to 60 people. We are the only company that can accommodate large groups without splitting up your group. Each boat comes with bathroom, air-conditioned cabin, captain and mate.

Our captain and crew work extremely hard before, after and during your trip to ensure your short time with us exceeds your expectations and honors your loved one. It is our duty to provide a safe and dignified trip for everyone on board. A standard tip of 20% is greatly appreciated.

You may mail the cremated ashes directly to us for unattended ceremonies or bring them with you during your ceremony. We also offer pickup services to those within our service areas.

Upon receiving the cremated remains, we do all scatterings within 14 business days. For expedited service, specific dates and/or locations, reservations are available. 

Your captain will fill out our certificate of scattering service that includes name of deceased, latitude and longitude coordinates and date along with signature. You may upgrade to full video of the ceremony as well.

Whether your choose an unattended or attended ceremony we go offshore about 3 miles. We highly recommend our basket ceremony as it is the most beautiful manner to say your final goodbye. Upon releasing the remains into the water, we circle them up to 5 times. The entire ceremony takes about 90 minutes from start to finish.


Absolutely. Bring as many flowers, rose petals and wreath as you would like. We include two dozen roses with your basket ceremony, however it is always more is always welcomed. We can even arrange to pick up your flowers per your request. 

All cancellations must be made at least 45 days in advance. Once within 45 days, there are no refunds. Read FULL cancellation policy here.