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Experience Our Group Attended Celebration of Life Service

"Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated"

Honor your loved one aboard one of our vessels equipped with Bathroom and Air-Conditioning as we take care of everything. Unlike a traditional funeral, we set out to remove the somber and instill serenity and peace. Only the ocean can offer this. Every ceremony is tailored to your family and 100% private. We have carefully selected the best vessels for small and large groups.

Family Attended

Small Groups 1 to 6 People

For families with six persons or less, we offer several boats and ports to accommodate a beautiful ceremony at sea. Our small group vessels offer affordability without sacrificing quality. We do ceremonies daily with as little as just one person. You only need to bring the ashes the day of your ceremony and we do the rest. It will be our honor to be a part of this special day.

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Family Attended

Large Group Specialist 7+ People

We are the only company that can legally accommodate groups of 7 or more. Our caring team of professionals are large group specialist, paying special attention to the smallest details. A large group consist of 7 or more people and we abide by strict United States Coast Guard regulations. This is most important for your safety as well as comfort and overall experience. Our network of boats can accommodate up to 135 guests with air-conditioning and bathroom facilities on board. The entire ceremony from dock to dock may last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. Don’t leave your ceremony to chance. Book with trained U.S.C.G Captains and caring professionals who are client-focused with years of experience to create a beautiful memorial. 

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Ash Scattering Services
Group Attended Burial at Sea Services
Family Attended Scattering Ashes at Sea

Why Choose Us


We handle everything. You only need to bring the URN with you the day of your trip. From beautiful flowers to beverages, we ensure this day will be extra special.  


We specialize in beautiful celebration of life ceremonies for groups up to 50 people. We take all the stress out of planning this unforgettable event. 

Unattended Burial at Sea


Each vessel is steered by a licensed captain. The safety of your family and friends is our utmost priority for each service. We are caring and compassionate at your time of need, not grumpy old seamen. 



Customize Your Ceremony with the Following Add-Ons

Funeral Service Company

A Dignified & Beautiful
Final Farewell

Our ceremonies offer a beautiful manner to celebrate the life of your loved one. 
At a fraction the cost of a funeral, this is what they asked for.
Find out why has changed the way we say Goodbye.

What Our Customers saying about us


“Captain Mike and his Team made our experience stress free and extremely memorable! It’s always hard to say goodbye to a loved one and this experience made our Loved Ones Celebration of Life extremely special and peaceful!” 

Fort Lauderdale Burial at Sea

Bea G



“It is very tough to lose a loved one and I never could tolerate funerals. Scattering ashes was totally different, it was as they called it a Celebration of Life and that is exactly what our family member wanted. A beautiful ceremony and they even provided us with a video.”  

Kyranna Warner



“I have planned funerals, cremations, etc for our loved ones in the past, but nothing compares to just how easy and peaceful this entire process was. The sunset was gorgeous and it was a day we will remember forever.” 

John S.


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