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Can you Spread Ashes in the Ocean in Florida? legal Scatter Ashes

Can You Spread Ashes in the Ocean in Florida

April 22, 2024 8:02 am Published by
When it comes to honoring the memory of loved ones, scattering ashes at sea is a choice that embodies peace and natural beauty. At, we understand that this method of farewell is deeply personal and significant. We are dedicated to ensuring that the process is not only meaningful but also adheres strictly to environmental regulations to respect our planet. Here, we clarify the guidelines and practices that make sea burials a respectful and hassle-free option.

Adherence to Distance Regulations

One of the first rules for sea burials is the requirement to be at least 3 nautical miles from land. This regulation ensures that the ceremony does not affect coastal environments and complies with maritime laws designed to protect our oceanic ecosystems. At, all our ceremonies are conducted beyond this distance, guaranteeing compliance and serenity away from the busy shoreline.

Use of Biodegradable Materials

In keeping with our commitment to the environment, it is mandatory that only biodegradable materials are used in sea burials. This includes biodegradable urns, which dissolve naturally without harming marine life or polluting the waters. These urns are crafted to ensure that they leave no trace, thus supporting the natural cycle of life.
Can you Spread Ashes in the Ocean in Florida? Legal Scatter Ashes

Natural Flowers and Wreaths

Accompanying tributes such as flowers and wreaths must also be natural. It’s important that these items do not contain synthetic materials like plastic or rubber bands, which can cause harm to marine environments. By opting for entirely natural materials, we honor the deceased while protecting the ocean’s delicate ecological balance.

Mandatory Reporting to the EPA

To comply with regulations, the scattering of ashes at sea must be reported to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). handles this bureaucratic aspect on your behalf, ensuring that all ceremonies are reported accurately and promptly. This not only adheres to legal requirements but also offers families peace of mind, allowing them to focus on the ceremony and remembrance.

Restrictions on Pet Ashes

It is important to note that the regulations governing human ash scatterings do not permit the inclusion of pet ashes in these ceremonies. At, we help guide families to appropriate alternatives that honor their beloved pets in other meaningful ways.

Trust for Your Ceremony

Choosing means entrusting us to facilitate a dignified and memorable celebration of life. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to environmental laws ensures that each ceremony not only meets but exceeds expectations. We are honored to assist in creating a peaceful, respectful final tribute that is as comforting as it is beautiful.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help you plan a touching sea burial that respectfully commemorates your loved one in harmony with nature. Trust us to handle all aspects with sensitivity and professionalism, making the ceremony a poignant celebration of life amidst the tranquility of the sea.

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